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Buying & selling electric tractors, parts, accessories and memorabilia. Servicing dealer of commercial- and prosumer-grade lithium-ion powered Mean Green Mowers. Featuring our exclusive supply of hard to find parts for the GE, Wheelhorse, and New Idea "Elec-Trak" models. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news - new products coming soon!

Choose from the categories listed on the left to begin shopping. Payment is accepted by credit card, PayPal, check or money order. Note that credit card payments are processed via PayPal, keeping the financial details separate and secure. Shipping and store policies are listed to the right. Please contact us if you are looking for parts not listed on-line. The web site features some of the more common parts; we have many many more items available.

Our goal is to increase the use of existing electric garden tractors and promote the introduction of new garden and small farm sized electric tractors. We hope that having a reliable supply of parts will encourage more people to keep their old machines in use and out of the scrap yard.

Want to talk with other Elec-Trak owners? Check out the Elec-Trak List-serv, with messages archived from its inception in 1998 to the present. Prefer a web-based discussion? Visit the forum (aka bulletin board), or check out the Elec-Trak Fan Club on Facebook.

All items are new, unless otherwise stated. Occasionally used, refurbished or new-old-stock (NOS) items are available in limited quantities, and are marked as such in the description. During the summer of 2008, we acquired the Elec-Trak parts business from Bill Gunn of Technical Services. We have been slowly adding more parts to our catalog, with many more still to be listed.

Some replacement parts are fairly standard across many tractor models; some are very model specific with different variations within even the same model line. Items are listed by category with pictures and text descriptions to simplify part identification; please check carefully to make sure the item matches your needs. You may find the resources listed in the Help Files and Additional Reading sections useful when troubleshooting.

You must have the appropriate training and skills to replace parts and make repairs. Accordingly, The Electric Tractor Store and Free Range Electric, LLC assume no liability for tractor functionality or safety after third party installations or repairs. It is the responsibility of the installer to insure a safe finished product. If you are unsure, seek expert help.

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