Batteries make it better!

201 Short St., Wayneboro, VA 22980

Free Range Electric specializes in battery electric powered equipment for yard care, small farms, and on-road use. Electricity offers the ultimate in flexibility for storing and transporting energy from any source, be it fossil fuel, solar, hydro, or wind.
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Shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada.
Service and repair of GE, Wheel Horse, New Idea, WhisperMow and other electric garden tractors. Custom conversions of small farm tractors to electric. Serving central Virginia and beyond.
Consulting for converted electric cars. Repairs, upgrades, and conversion advice for your on- or off-road electric vehicle. Serving central Virginia and beyond.
Workshops for adults and schools, grades 5-12. Topics include introduction to electric vehicles, in-depth look at conversions or factory built EVs, electric drag racing, alternative energy, and basics of energy conservation. Serving central Virginia and beyond.

Solar powered since 2012, a 12 KW solar array provides net-zero energy usage.

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201 Short Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980
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