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The Electric Tractor Store is a trade name of Free Range Eelctric, LLC, a Limited Liability Company registered with the Secretary of State of Virginia. Our goal is to increase the use of existing electric garden tractors and promote the introduction of new garden and small farm sized electric tractors. We hope having a steady supply of parts will encourage more people to keep their old machines in use and save them from the scrap yard.

The Electric Tractor Store was started as the on-line store-front of Punsit Creek Designs, LLC which was founded by Jim Coate in 2006 to provide electric vehicle and other services in Spencertown, New York. Jim has been a long-time electric vehicle and renewable energy promoter. Some of his personal projects may be seen at www.eeevee.com; he has presented various workshops including many at the NOFA summer conferences.

Initially, The Electric Tractor Store focused on providing parts for the GE, Wheelhorse, and New Idea "Elec-Trak" models from NOS and aftermarket sources. In 2008, the Elec-Trak parts business of Bill Gunn of Technical Services was acquired. This included all the original drawings and supplier information which greatly enhances our ability to provide new parts for years to come.

In 2010, The Electric Tractor Store moved to Waynesboro, Virginia, becoming part of Free Range Electric, LLC. Free Range Electric serves various electric vehicle needs, while The Electric Tractor Store continues to grow. During 2010, The Electric Tractor Store became a dealer for the WhisperMow electric lawn tractor.

Wherever possible, parts are sourced from US or North American sources. We believe our prices to be competitive, and strive to make parts easy to find by browsing through the various categories shown on the left. We welcome your comments.

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